Books are available in a package with training and support material or as a separate component from Educational Resources, Inc. (Click here to order.)

Bookplates are also available for free from ERI with hand-written autograph by Dr. Phyllis Haddox.

Training and Support Material

In addition to the book, Dr. Haddox has developed training and support materials that can be ordered only from ERI as separate components or in a package.

Direct Instruction Training Video, Start Reading
Training Videos–
on DVD

Direct Instruction Training on Audio CD, Start Reading
Audio Training–
on CD

Training Material:

  • NEW! 48-minute Video Training DVD–in less than an hour, this video gives you a great “quick start” by introducing you to Direct Instruction techniques and how to be successful; demonstrating how to present and pronounce all the sounds and key exercises in an encouraging manner and how to do corrections. See how Dr. Haddox uses the book to teach 3-year olds.
  • Audio Training CD–Concentrated, half hour, portable training CD that provides you with a good start to teaching. You can listen to sounds pronunciation and teaching techniques for key exercises while you are in your car, work around the house or yard. The sounds and key exercise content is the same as the “Quick Start” video, so could be used in combination with it, with the 4-hour training video, or as a stand alone
  • 4–Hour Direct Instruction Video Training Set, “Reading for All”, (DVD) For more intensive training, this video set, with guides for facilitators and participants, provides excellent, specific training on 50 key exercises and related support material (see below). This training set was designed for and is used successfully with GROUPS, but is also successfully used by individuals: parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, professional tutors, teachers, volunteers (high school and college students), parent involvement programs, service/church groups.

Kid-sized Sounds Cards
(One of a Set)

Masters of All the Sounds
(One of a Set—4 to a page)

Support Material:

Firming packet: To help you teach to mastery, provide more practice for your child, and to make the important transition to traditional print. Each packet includes Word Cards (printed on cardstock) all the words used in the program; Vowel Practice Box (cardstock); Alphabet Box (cardstock); Alphabet Practice Strip (cardstock); Lesson Progress Chart; Firming Exercises and ideas for games; Alphabetical Listing of Words; Lesson Number Listing of Words. NEW: Now the Firming Packet also includes a set of Kid-sized Sounds Practice Cards and a set of Display Sounds (see next).

Kid-sized Sounds Practice Cards To use for extra practice on sounds. Key words are printed on back of each card with the lesson number where the sound is introduced. (cardstock)

Display Sounds These cards are more than 3 times larger than the Sounds Practice Cards (but without key words or introductory lesson number). They were designed be used in classroom display or for decorating a child's room. Additionally they may be used for extra practice on sounds, used for making words, and playing various games (for example, “Go Fish”). In the set there are four large black-line letters printed on each of eleven 8½ x 11 sheets of cardstock.

Components are available separately or in packages. See Order.