Direct Instruction
developed by Haddox and others

Direct Instruction
Black and white video (1 hour), 1978
Overview and rationale for Direct Instruction produced and written by Haddox. Reel-to-reel tape segments contributed by Follow Through Project sites and by local classrooms in Eugene.

Challenge of the 90's: Higher-Order Thinking

45 min. video, 1990
Overview and rational for Direct Instruction strategies. Home-video and other video footage from Follow Through and non-Follow Through teachers compiled by Haddox.

Follow Through: A Bridge to the Future
22 min. video, 1992
Direct Instruction school demonstrates approach. Produced and directed by Haddox. Principal, Thaddeus Lott, featured in interview. Region 4 Education District shot classroom footage; Houston Independent School District, in collaborative partnership with Follow Through Project, provided studio interview and editing.

Direct Instruction Training Series

Levels I, II, and III
Intensive Video Training and Practice
with Facilitator's Guide/Participant's Manual

Video series developed by Haddox and Silbert. Haddox presents information and demonstrations with classroom footage.
Each series may be used with teachers, assistants, tutors, supervisors, administrators and others who may have had no prior DI experience. They may also be used as a thorough review of DI teaching or training techniques for those with DI experience, including consultants and trainers. The first tapes in both the Level I and Level II series present intensive pre-service training on basic Direct Instruction teaching techniques and classroom management strategies used in READING MASTERY and the equivalent lessons in FAST CYCLE. The first tape of each series may be used separately as an orientation to DI for school personnel, parents and community members. On the other pre-service training tapes for levels I & II, rationale and critical techniques are presented, demonstrated, and participants are lead through and then practice techniques. Periodically throughout training, classroom teaching demonstrations with students are shown.

Each series continues with in-service training. The focus of each of the in-service training segments is on the new formats and techniques introduced during a specific lesson range. All training for level III is contained on one tape. Each series may be used as basis for local college credit course.

Corrective Reading-Decoding B1, B2, C
A pilot training video series. This version was produced quickly to be available for training in one school district for Fall 1993. Does not include "live" classroom demonstrations that appear in the Reading Mastery series.

All videos are available from the non-profit organization, Association for Direct Instruction:

A. D. I.
P. O. BOX 10252,

VOICE (541) 485-1293
FAX (541) 683-7543

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