More than four hours of

Direct Instruction video training to accompany the book,

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons


  • Professional Tutors, Teachers
  • Volunteers (High School And College Students)
  • Parent Involvement Programs
  • Service/Church Groups
  • Parents And Grandparents
  • Homeschoolers

Includes Workshop and Demonstrations with children and parents on 50 Key Exercises

Video 1  [2 hours 20 minutes]:

  • Orientation
  • Training workshop
  • Specific training and demonstrations with parents
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

Video 2  [1 hour 50 minutes]
Fifty key exercises with children and parents

  • Demonstrations
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Practice 

The set includes:

  • DVDs
  • Participant’s and Facilitator’s Guides

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What People Are Saying

“We wanted to thank you for teaching our son to read in 100 easy lessons. Our son began the program at the end of May and completed it inAugust (a few days before first grade was to begin). It was wonderful watching a ‘normal’learner diligently become first a beginning reader and then a confident second grade reader by summer’s end. Four months later (December) our son is a confident reader who breezes his way through second grade books. His reading comprehension was nearly always 100% and my wife had to construct new questions to make it more difficult and more interesting for him. Teaching reading has never been so much fun for us and we thank you for this wonderful gift.”

Gary and Phyllis R.

Both Teachers

“I’m a psychologist in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and I recommend the book frequently to parents of young children (and especially to those parents who are concerned about the school system not focusing on phonics instruction). I used the book to teach both of our children to read, this when they were 4 years of age. The “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” worked very well, with the children learning to read quite complicated material by the end of that time. (I spent more than a hundred days going through the book, by the way, and it still worked very well.)”

Caleb Burns

Psychologist, Portland, OR

“When my son was identified as one of the 5 weakest readers in his school’s first grade, he was placed in a remedial reading pull-out program. (Here, he was taught the same things in the same manner–just more of it!) I started “100 Easy Lessons” with with him and, after only 68 lessons, we could not hold him back! He was reading anything and everything! At the end of second grade, he was the top reader in his class, scoring at 5.0 grade level in reading. His success, (as well as his LOVE of chapter books) can be credited to instruction in this systematic, explicit phonics approach. Many thanks to Phyllis and Zig!!

Donna Dressman

Indiana, Parent