Revised and Updated
2022 Edition

A Research-based Reading Program
for Home or Tutorial Use


Dr. Phyllis Haddox is co-author on the first edition of TEACH YOU CHILD TO READ IN 100 EASY LESSONS with Elaine Bruner and Siegfried Engelmann (1931-2019), originator of the Direct Instruction programs and teaching approach. She recently completed the second edition of TYC by using Engelmann’s instructional design principles and incorporating feedback from parents and others. She added new features, updated, and revised the book to make it an even easier-to teach resource.

Dr. Haddox created and is gifting you with VIDEOS (segments for training, demonstration, and information) and printable SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS (sound cards, word cards, progress chart, and more) for Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons so that you may pay forward the gift of reading.

Dr. Phyllis Haddox


Phyllis began her career in education as a classroom teacher and then reading specialist in California. Later, on the faculty of the University of Oregon, she provided hands-on training to undergraduate and graduate students in supervisory, teaching and management techniques. 

As an educational consultant she worked extensively in the United States (including Hawaii), Canada, and the Caribbean directly with students (preschool through college level), teachers, administrators and parents.  Nationally and internationally, she has been a workshop presenter who trained thousands of teachers and paraprofessionals (including tutors) to use Direct Instruction techniques and programs. Some tutors created their own very successful businesses after learning from her how to use TEACH YOU CHILD TO READ IN 100 EASY LESSONS.

In addition to TEACH YOU CHILD TO READ IN 100 EASY LESSONS, she co-authored with Engelmann THINKING BASICS and CONCEPT APPLICATIONS (published by McGraw-Hill as part of the Corrective Reading Series). Dr. Haddox assisted in the development of science and mathematics laserdisc series and has produced more than 20 reading training videos.

Phyllis has also worked as an instructional design consultant for the Mayo Clinic on training videos and for author, Barbara Sher, on two of her books (Live the Life You Love and It’s Never Too Late, If You Start Now). 

Dr. Haddox was the Director of the University of Oregon’s Direct Instruction Model of the seminal federally-funded Follow Through Project. This project has been called the “largest education experiment ever conducted.” It provided a broad range comparison of 13 major educational approaches used in 170 communities with 75,000 children each year. Data was collected by Stanford Research Institute and analyzed by Abt Associates. The result of the comparison was that students in the U of O’s Direct Instruction Model achieved the highest performance level in language, reading, math, and spelling as well as emotional well-being. Project sites managed by Phyllis were labeled “exemplary” by the United States Office of Education’s Joint Dissemination/Review Panel. For more information on Project Follow Through and subsequent evaluations, see Research and Reviews.

For resources on teaching groups and managing/supervising Direct Instruction implementations, Dr. Haddox has developed and is offering free the following:

Click here for training videos and information about how to teach GROUPS of children to read with DI programs.

Click here for Direct Instruction Implementation/Management/Supervision DOCUMENTS developed by Dr. Haddox with Siegfried Engelmann

Click here for Direct Instruction Strategies and Procedures–a “SLIDE” Presentation–developed by Dr. Haddox