DI Reading Programs designed for 

Teaching Reading to GROUPS

In this vintage video series (produced as part of the federally-funded Project Follow Through when Dr. Haddox was Director of the DI Model), Reading Mastery Rainbow Edition was used but the same DI teaching strategies are used in the recent edition, Reading Mastery Signature Edition, designed for classroom GROUP instruction. 

Dr. Haddox provides rationale for and detailed training in critical DI techniques and strategies for teaching beginning readers in GROUPS.  She demonstrates, trains, and then you practice the techniques. Periodically throughout the training, teaching demonstrations with groups of students are shown. Lesson numbers are indicated for the READING MASTERY I (RM I) program and also for the accelerated program FAST CYCLE I (FC I). Video training segments also listed for RM II and III.

A detailed listing of the contents for each segment can be automatically downloaded with a click on the PDF icon.

#1 – Orientation to Direct Instruction: Dr. Phyllis Haddox starts the presentation and Siegfried Engelmann, Senior Author, discusses the philosophy, goals, rationale, and techniques of Direct Instruction. He is also shown teaching a group of children. Other DI implementers share success stories and videos. This segment was designed for school personnel, parents, and community members.

#2Getting Started-The Basics: Materials, Sounds, Blending, Placement, Grouping, Scheduling, Mastery Teaching, Positive Learning Environment, Corrections

#3 – Training – RM I and FC I – the pre-reading skills

#4 – Training – RM I and FC I – more pre-reading skills

#5 Behavior Management during group instruction

#6 – Training – RM I Lessons 13–24,     FC  1-6

#7 – Training – RM I Lessons 25-52,     FC  7-23

#8 – Training – RM Lessons 53-84,        FC 23-41

#9 – Training – RM Lessons 85-104,     FC  41-51

#10–Training – RM Lessons 105-124,   FC  52-61

#11 RM II and FC II – Orientation, #12 Overview & Training, #13-15 Training

#16 Reading Mastery III – Orientation and Training

Additional Direct Instruction training videos for teaching DI reading programs to GROUPS are available free from the National Institute of Direct Instruction: